Because of a Woman

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A dry desert, vultures circling, a man, half-dead, lashed to an oak tree, stripped down to almost nothing -- the story begins. Famous bounty-hunter, Paxton Reign, has been left for dead. It all started because of a woman -- a beautiful woman and a dangerous obsession for her. Determined to have Elizabeth Dalton for his own, Maxwell Stanton is prepared to do anything -- even kill. Believing he’s no stranger to murder, Elizabeth absolutely loathes Maxwell and has branded him responsible for her father’s sudden and mysterious disappearance. Convinced Elizabeth and Maxwell orchestrated his current excruciating predicament; Paxton curses his love for Elizabeth. Deceit, betrayal, unrequited love, and thirsts for revenge are not uncommon, as unanticipated circumstances dramatically collide to irrevocably alter lives, reveal dark secrets and open old wounds. All of this will come to pass -- because of a woman.

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