More About Jessica Ingold

When Jessica Ingold was eight years old, her parents surprised her with her own copy of Storybook Weaver. Captivated by this new way to share her thoughts, she began composing short stories revolving around animal friendships, which she would hide throughout the house to surprise her parents each week. As she became older, all she wanted to do was grow up and write about things people wanted to read. As a child, she was a shy student who hated sharing what she'd written with the class. Even as a teenager, she believed that the most compelling stories came from writers who knew their work would never see the light of day. In her senior year of high school, her Writer's Craft teacher encouraged her to do half an hour of "free writing" each day, and promised that nothing would ever be read, graded, or shared with anyone. Emboldened by this exercise in honesty, she used writing as a way to cope with various interpersonal conflicts and mental health issues. These themes now play a significant role in the stories she shares with the world. Now in her twenties, with four books to her name and countless blogs and articles scattered throughout cyberspace, she uses writing as a way to generate conversation around universal human experiences, including relationships, family ties, grief, change, and the ongoing quest to discover oneself. Inspired by life's daily eccentricities, she writes in hopes of encouraging other people to make the world a better place, believing that every story has a lesson to teach. Sometimes she writes as part of her job, but most of the time she just writes to entertain. Cowboy Heart is her first published novel, and the first in an anticipated three-book series. She has many more stories in mind, and only hopes she'll have enough time to tell them all.

Published Works with AMPL

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