Welcome, Aspiring Authors!

So you’ve slaved, shed blood, sweat and tears and:

Your creative work of literature is finished and you want to share it with the world.

Or, perhaps your creative work of literature is almost ready and you need some incentive to complete it.

You’ve dreamt, visualized, imagined, perhaps picked up a pen or put fingers to keyboard, but have not quite managed to get your concept into print.

Don't give up

You've come to the right place!

Well Done!

For those of you who's literature is finished, well done and congratulations! We know you’ve invested a great deal of time, effort, care, and research into your written work, and we want to help make your book available to the public.

For those of you who's literature has yet to be completed, get to work! Thanks to AMPL Publishing’s dedicated team of professionals, turning your publishing dreams into reality has never been easier.

Time to Get Published

Once you are prepared to submit your novel, please read through our submission guidelines below (this is important if you’d like to be considered). Should AMPL select your work for e-publication, it will receive its very own ISBN number, and soon after will become available for purchase on www.amplbooks.com (via download).

Becoming an AMPL author is easier than you might think. (Please note that all submissions are considered copyrighted material under Canadian copyright laws.)


AMPL Publishing is a royalty paying e-book publisher. We provide editing (grammatical and/or content based), proofreading, cover art, ISBN numbers, and individual product web pages. Services are offered according to the author’s requirements and preferences based on AMPL’s recommendations. In other words, AMPL might agree to publish your work on the grounds additional editing and/or research is completed. After all, we want your work to be the best it can be. You’re welcome to hire AMPL for this task or seek another service.

For standard publishing (in print), all rights shall be reserved through AMPL Publishing and are dealt with separately. We pay 40% royalties on monies received from e-book sales. Royalties are paid on a quarterly basis via PayPal. Our standard electronic rights contract is for five years. Book prices are negotiated between the author and AMPL. We prefer to set a flat rate per book but are open to discussion.



AMPL uses the following strict Guidelines:

  1. The manuscript must be new (meaning not previously published)
  2. The work must have been written by YOU
  3. We are a family organization and therefore uphold a certain moral standard which avoids excessive graphic violence, sex, and/or profanity
  4. Submissions can be either the completed manuscript or a three page synopsis with three consecutive chapters of your choice

How to Submit

You’ve already jumped over hurdles to finish your work; relax, you’re on the cool down lap, only a little more effort is required.

Please complete these three simple steps:

  1. Have a completed manuscript that you would like to have published
  2. Register With AMPL Publishing
  3. Submit Complete Manuscript / Synopsis