More About AMPL Publishing

Who are we?

Mountain View

The AMPL team consists of editors, web-designers, artists and authors which could include you. Our intent is to amuse and divert you with a captivating assortment of fictional novels and stories that have never been published before. We represent a unique opportunity for aspiring authors and a delightful resource for readers of all ages.

This is the perfect site to find new and exciting e-books and is a great place to share your own creativity if you are so inclined. The head office of AMPL Publishing is located in Bowmanville, Ontario, which is one hour east of Toronto.

What is it that AMPL does?

We are a publisher providing books for purchase as physical copies or in a variety of electronic formats such as: PDF, E-PUB, plain text, and MP3. Our goal is to share fresh and exhilarating stories with you.

The AMPL team works tirelessly to ensure that our company maintains your satisfaction and a high standard of quality reading material at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, it is our mandate that you get enough of the story to determine your interest before you buy. Just download the sample and enjoy with our compliments.

AMPL believes in dreams, and thus, we strive to open another avenue for talented, aspiring authors to share their works with the world.

Mountain View

How did AMPL Publishing start?

"Once Upon a Time..."

AMPL Publishing began with a dream; some would classify it as an inspiration. After several attempts to publish her stories, Meena Mason was ready to throw in the towel, so to speak. One night she dreamt of AMPL and woke up excited, not only to entertain and uplift others with her works, but to provide an additional route for hard-working, committed authors to achieve their dreams.

AMPL founders and their dedicated team have worked extremely hard to bring AMPL to you. The true dream of AMPL is to entertain and create a space devoted to assisting aspiring authors, like Meena, to publish their work, in hopes that they may read or write that story and...

" happily ever after."