Author Services

Looking to get your work published? Well, look no further! AMPL Publishing is looking forward to working with you.

40% Royalties

At AMPL authors are paid more compared to most prominent publishing companies.

Low-Cost Editing

Once you’ve submitted a book, we offer personalized editing options.

Cover Art Services

We provide amazing cover art services for those authors who require it.

Personalized Experience

We customize book pages and banners for each book and an all about the author page for each author.

Book Readers

AMPL Publishing offers entertaining tales in a variety of formats. Place an order for a physical copy of a book or get instant access to it by purchasing a digital copy. Our digital formats include: Plain Text, PDF, EPUB, and Audio (MP3).

Affordably Priced

There are already enough high costs to contend with in life. With AMPL you never have to worry; our books are always reasonably priced.

Family-Friendly Content

Our content is family-friendly so that your entire family can enjoy every book.

Free Samples Available

We provide free samples in a variety of formats to prospective customers.

Let's Get In Touch!

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